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Mystic Akemet
Mystic Akemet
Relationship Problems
Mystic Akemet


Hi, I'm your Mystic Akemet. I am here to help you gain clarity of thought through the process of Tarot Readings. I would like to assist you in the navigation of this journey we call life. I do readings that you can apply to everyday life. I do readings that give you insight on whatever it is that is on your mind. Or you could have nothing on your mind and I can still read the energy around you. Do you need relationship advice? Do you need financial advice? Are you asking questions about children maybe? Whatever it is, we can delve into the matter together and with the help of the Tarot we can find the answers and guidance u seek together. I am offering you the serenity that We all deserve. You know that clarity we seek and just don't know how to find it. Allow me to help you with your love issues. Financial matters, will you get hired soon?? Making that move? Is he cheating?? I can help with all of this thru the divine art of Tarot..Are you feeling down in the dumps allow the Tarot Cards to help u with that also. I also have my spirit guides and ancestors to help me, along the way so myself and the people I read for are protected. There are a lot of myths out here about tarot and I want to assure you that you are in good hands. I am your Mystic Akemet and I'm available whenever you need me..


I have been interested learning the Tarot and other metaphysical aspects of life since childhood. I have been reading tarot cards for friends and family for 4 to 5 years. I have predicted pregnancy and when people are about to have legal issues. I have also predicted when couples are going to hook up or break up. With the help of the cards I'm able to see if your going to make that big move or get a new job. I have also been reading professionally for the past year. People are always calling me for guidance.. Allow me to use my gifts and talents to help u navigate this experience we call life. Oh, last but certainly not the least I read for my kids and their friends? It's my way of keeping them protected. My philosophy is (if we know better we will do better.) So please choose me as your go to psychic and together we will navigate the turbulent waters of life while exploring tarot together. I have done live and in-person readings for paying clients and I am discreet. I Never discuss what a client says to me privately. I believe that it has been divine timing that has drawn you to me, So let' get to work answering the questions about what you have on your mind

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Nov 4, 2018
takes a long time to respond
Sep 8, 2018
Aug 7, 2018
Jun 30, 2018
May 31, 2018
Was able to speak with Mystic again, and receive some great insight, and information into current, and future events within my life.
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