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My name is Mulata. I come from a long line of spiritual readers, healer's, psychic's, and curanderos. I will deliver to you the messages your angel's, spirit's, and loved ones that have passed away want to deliver to you. You want to know what awaits you in your path? I will also reveal that to you. I will give you the remedies to cleanse yourself and your soul. You want to know how your past life affects your present life? I will reveal that to you also. I am bilingual ( Spanish and English) Buenas! Yo soy, Mulata. Vengo de muchas generaciones de curanderos, espiritista's, etc. Deja que yo te traiga los mensajes que tus angeles, muertos, y los seres buenos te quieren mandar. Tambien te puedo dar los remedies para clarar tus caminos. "Ashe" para todos!


I come from a long line of psychics and witch doctors (curanderos) I have been reading minds since I was small. I have read the tarot cards since I was a teenager.


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