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❤ Let's Talk! I'm Direct, but I'm Compassionate as well. I'm a Real Empath/Psychic I have been Blessed with this gift from birth. All my life I have seeked the Spiritual Realm and have had much success in doing so. Some of my best memories are seeing my clients succeed. Seeing they're lives change. Being able to help them become the best version of themselves. I have used many methods in spirituality , but I decided to add a psychological approach as well. I went to college for a B.A in psychology and Practiced Meditation & Yoga as well. I have learned how to help people relieve stress & anxiety. Hollistic healing is phenominal, and I'm a firm believer in spirituality. I've helped people overcome substance abuse with a therapeutic perpspective. I have been able to reconcile lost loved ones , and rekindle relationships. I have spoke with families and saved marriages from divorce. I've given closure to families in crisis after loved ones had past on. I'm not judgemental, we all have a Right to our emotions. Our session will consist of counselling and restoring your soul. I want to be able to speak with my clients on a personal level , so sit back and relax. Im more than confident that you will enjoy your reading. I look forward to speaking with you. Namaste ?


The Spiritual World and I are not strangers. I've been exploring it for many years. It all started when I was very young and would see visions of the future. I used to dream of people that I never met in my life before, but they would tell me I was going to meet they're loved ones because they need to seek closure with them. It was hard at first because I was so young and speaking to strangers about such a sensitive subject was unexplainable. However, I would see them smile and feel a release in they're a spirit. I was proud to be the person that helped them. As time went on I started using Tarot cards which is my favorite because the Tarot Never Lies! The best part is we may not be able to change the past but we can prepare for the the future and make better life choices. I love giving advice on all life situations so I learned to take time and listen. In doing so, my gift revealed guidance for my clients. In many ways, my clients helped me grow. Between Palm, Psychic, Tarot, Clairavoyance, Chakra Balancing, Meditation, & Counselling are all form of Interpersonal Communications. I've learned to study many different methods because each client is different and I wanted to make sure I'd be able to help with whatever is best suited for them.

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best of best
shes damn good
she is best of the best. She answering all our hearts questions without even asking the questions too much or judgement. She is the best!
thank you so much
love her so much
thank you so much for everything. i ran out of funds but I would love to hear the last bit..
it was lovely talking to you Marie!!! thank you so much!!! :)
she is really amazing! highly recommend her, thank u again my dear for every single word I heard from u.
she is wonderful. answeed my questions and picked up on things very quickly. quick response and honest and direct. appreciated her VERY much. god bless her.
great lady.. please send minutes
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