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Ms. Jasmine
Ms. Jasmine
Life Coaching
Ms. Jasmine


Hi, my name is Jasmine and I am a third generation psychic. My special gift will give you a clear vision of your present and what your future looks like. I value your time, and I will be straight to the point, and you will have my full attention! Whether you need advise on love, money, or career I have answers for you! No limits on questions and you can feel comfortable asking me anything! I'm very considerate and patient. I will listen to everything carefully, and will provide the best answers possible! Our session will be free of judgement! You won't have to come in fear, I have heard it all and I'm more than willing to help you! Honesty is very important to me in a reading. I will ask you to keep an open mind. I will not give you false hope. I want to help you, make a difference in your situation, and show you the right direction. I am very compassionate and want to help you make the right decisions. Whether you unsure, doubtful, or just completely lost. I will always have an answer, and can guide at anytime you need. There are many different options to choose from with my readings and services. All of my readings are honest, in detail, and specific. You can choose from: Aura and Energy Tarot Cards Past Lives and Love Compatibility My readings will include accurate time frames, predictions, and answers to all questions. I also give spiritual guidance and advise with all readings. As well dream interpretations. My readings are based on my intuition and my spiritual connections with spirits. The answers that are provided are from what I pick up from your aura, energy, and spirit. I receive detailed messages from these spirits, and I deliver them to you! When reading tarot cards I will be very honest with what each card reads and deliver what your future will hold. I will guide you into the right path, confidently! My ability is strong and has been with me since I was born! I am delighted to listen to you, and provide insight, clarity, and truthful answers!


I am a third-generation psychic with over ct14 years of experience. 
I have been giving readings since I was a small girl. I had picked up on reading people right away! Authentic reader. Have been tested for accuracy countless times and always prove accurate and authentic! I have amazed skeptics and nonbelievers over and over again! 
My gift is true and will amaze you! I am a specialist in all matters of love, relationship, marriage, divorce, finances, career, family, health and wellness. There is no limit, I have the ability and answers you need!!! 
I see the colors of auras, I see and can communicate with the spirits around you, and I read palms, tarot cards, and energies. I also have a shop that I own in CT! With hundreds of satisfied customers! I have helped numerous people around the globe by bringing people together with their soulmates, reuniting lovers, removing negativity, and dark clouds, and finding inner clarity in their hearts. 
For many years I have answered countless questions, accurately! My clients are always amazed by my ability and my accuracy of the past, present and future. My customers continuously come back to tell me my predictions came true! I have been reading tarot cards for over 14 years and provide an outstanding reading! 
I read tarot professionally, with confidence, with no hesitation! Any card that is pulled I will read accurately and detailed as well as how it fits into your life. With my experience, I have also mastered reuniting lovers and bringing soul mates to one another (as mentioned above.) With my many years of experience, I have mastered bringing people's energy together. Also with my ability to see into past lives, I can determine what is meant and what is not. My first tarot deck was given to me at the age of 8. My psychic mother and grandmother helped me to balance my ability. As well as determining on what is spiritual and what is earthly. I have learned to appreciate the outer world and have grown to love giving people the message they are meant to hear and need to know. 
I am a natural born psychic and have helped on all matters. I have given insight in every direction and always impress the nonbelievers out there. I have lots of experience with hundreds of people. My readings do not disappoint. After a session with me, you will feel relieved and will have a great idea of what is to come. You will see my gift and you will not be disappointed!💕




Aug 19, 2022
She is so sweet and very helpful, thank you jasmine ☺️
Victoria G
Aug 18, 2022
Aug 18, 2022
very accurate reader! and super quick
Aug 18, 2022
thank you so much can u finish what he were saying
Jan 18, 2020
shes great. ran out of funds
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