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The events of 2020 have left many feeling uneasy, uncertain and afraid. You may have noticed that the upheavals in the world seem to resonate with the upheavals in your life. Many of us feel turned up side down and are having trouble staying grounded. Many have had their lives negatively impacted by loss of job and illness. Why are these things happening now and how can you navigate your way in this new landscape we find ourselves in? We still need love, money, friendship and spirituality, yet for many these things are becoming more difficult to obtain. Why? This is a time of great spiritual change. We are in the midst of a Great Awakening. A transformation of our species on a fundamental level. I can help you understand the meaning of these radical events. The meaning for humanity but more importantly WHAT IT MEANS FOR YOUR LIFE and HOW YOU CAN USE THE ENERGY OF THIS TIME TO MAKE ALL OF YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE. The Universe has a plan for the Human race, And it has a plan for you too. Let me be your guide to help you walk that path.


I started reading the Tarot at age 15 It was for me a way to make sense of what I was experiencing. I guess I have always been clairvoyant, but I was not particularly of a mystical nature. I was always creative aI nd artistic but I never really considered myself psychic. However, I always seemed to know things. I guess I take after my Grandmother. She was born in the Azore Islands and was always having prophetic dreams. She taught me how to use a pendulum when I was a child and I thought It was a cool toy. Little did I know that it was really a psychic communication tool. So it should have been no surprise that I became a psychic. I didn't want to be a psychic when I was a kid. I wanted to be a superhero! I guess I am kinda close (Doctor Strange Maybe LOL) But is was when I reached puberty that all hell broke lose.; I started seeing spirits, hearing voices, and having prophetic dreams. I thought I was going nuts. So I turned to the library and check out some books. One of which suggested the Tarot as a way to train latent psychic ablitiy. I have been using the tarot and giving readings to others ever since. I have also made an extensive study of other paranormal arts. Numerology, Astrology, Runes, Shamanism, but the Tarot is the one I feel the most connection with. I give you straight answers to your questions. No vaugh answers. I give details. Names, Dates, Places. I strive to give you the most accurate information possible. If you want real answers, then I suggest you give my service a try.

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