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I am a gifted psychic and I work with Lenormand and Tarot cards. I am always connected to my spiritual guides and they always help me to understand the situation and with what I should say in the reading. I am a compassionate person and also a good listener, but at the same time, I am honest, and go straight to the point. If you do a reading with me you will be able to understanding the whole situation to choose the best path for you. Fate is not marked, we have our free will, so exert your free will in behalf of yourself. If my spiritual guides and also yours allow I can go to your past lives to help you to understand some things you are going through. I can advise you about how to deal with them and talk about your learnings with the situation. Do a reading with me and you won't regret! I am waiting for you!


I have been doing reading for 20 years, ten years online. I work with Lenormand and several types of tarot (Osho Zen Tarot, Mythic Tarot etc). I have mediumship and I am also Reiki Master and chromotherapist. I work as a Bach Flower Therapist as well. I am graduated in Psychology, so I am non-judgemental and very good at counselling. People always tell me that I am accurate and straight to the point! Be aware that I you must be 18 years or older to receive a reading. I don't do readings about legal and health issues and don't give financial advice. I also don't predict pregnancies and sex of a child.

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