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Canis Stella
Canis Stella
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Canis Stella


Offering down to earth, intuitive, authentic tarot readings designed to help you with your problem solving and create a life you love. I DO NOT do predictions, but I do focus on cause and effect to help you achieve better outcomes in your life and life choices in general. Relationships, self help, self esteem, reconnecting to your sacred feminine, spiritual guidance, self love and self care, crisis, coping with the death of loved ones and pets, and in general life issues. Over 30 years experience as an astrologer, tarot reader and Hermetic practitioner of occultism and Wiccan facilitator.  If I feel that early on in the session we are not a good match I will not waste your money. :)  I look forward to being of service to you.   In depth natal horoscope/astrology chart readings are by appointment only as I need time to get your chart calculated and do a cursory examination of it before our session. Please feel free to use your free minutes to request a pre scheduled astrology appointment and indicate the nature of the question you would like me to focus on for your chart reading.  


My approach to tarot readings is as a problem solving tool.  I rely on my knowledge base of the traditional hermetic tarot cards, and my intuition to provide the baseline for the majority of my readings.  Psychic hits are a bonus not a rule.  My readings are not about my psychic abilities, they are about your issues or problems.  My readings are very down to earth and designed to help you through a crisis or to try to get to the bottom of a particular problem you may be having.  With regard to astrology I prefer to work by appointment only so I can have a little time to study and prepare your horoscope before our appointment. As with tarot, I use astrology to take a deeper look at unconscious dynamics that might be holding you back in your life and seeing how those blockages can begin to be removed. My specialty is in underworld mythology and shadow work.  I offer spiritual guidance readings, life purpose readings, love & relationship readings, general troubleshooting, and sometimes readings that may include archetypal, and karmic components when appropriate. I focus a great deal on cause and effect, and also unconscious habits and patterns of learned behavior that may not be serving you any longer in the area of love and relationships, or any other arena of your life.  I look forward to being of service to you. 

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Mar 20, 2019
Jul 2, 2017
Completely not a reading style that I expected, only personal coach like style, no ability to predict anything
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