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Monica Love Healer
Monica Love Healer
Love & Relationships
Monica Love Healer


Let me use my special gift to connect to the energy from your Intuitive Mind.Together, I will help you unlock your past, understand your present, and discover your future. Creating a balance in love, physical, emotional, and financial matters will bring peace, serenity, joy, and happiness to your life.Before I begin readings, I light a candle and center and ground myself and ask for protection and guidance from my Spirit Guides. At the beginning of each call I draw a Tarot card to show me the general energy surrounding the caller to see if any energy needs to be cleared as we begin our conversation. I will ask for your name and what question you would like to begin with. I can work with or without tools depending on your preference. I generally use a traditional Tarot deck, but I can just as easily use an Oracle or Angel deck to help guide you on your path.I provide honest and truthful readings. I will not lead you on, or tell you what I think you want to hear. I believe the truth sets us free to move forward on our path to our best possible life. I will tell you everything you need to know in a heartfelt manner. If you need to talk to someone who really cares, call me. I only want the best for you! I believe we are in this life to learn to become whole and complete, and my goal in our work together is to help you find the truth of your wholeness, and to be able to see yourself for who you really are, whole, complete, and perfect, just as you are!


I have had psychic gifts since I was a child. I am a seer who had my first vision at the age of 5. I have always been able to see family members and good friends after they had passed on. I can see and feel their energy with me until they feel ready to step into the light. Over the years I have used my gifts mostly for family and friends. But, three years ago on Thanksgiving Day I underwent emergency surgery to save my life, and during the surgery I had a near death experience. I was told that I was being saved to be here to work as an intuitive and healer. This is my path and purpose. I awoke from that surgery with a brand new life ahead of me. As I understand it, I am a catalyst for transformation, and my gift is helping people who feel lost get their footing and transform their lives.




Feb 20, 2016
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