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Mistic Jinna


Do you want to know the genuine intentions of your lover? I will tell you the future of your romantic and professional relationships. Understanding your past will help you understand your future and recognize your soul mate. My readings are honest and direct. By telling you what you need to know, my vision will empower your spirit.


I was born a psychic. I have spent years sharing my compassionate connective abilities. If you are like my many satisfied clients who sought inner peace, I can help you. This work is my destiny. I can help you discover your destiny. The wisdom I was born with allows me to sense people's feelings and motives. I share this gift I was born with to help family, friends, and clients prepare for their future. If you are ready for honest insight into your future, contact me.

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Oh my goodness, what a wonderful, gentle and lovely lady! Thank you so much! Love and light to you!
Wide sphere of healing warmth as well as straight to the point. Thank you Jinna
So nice and helpful, many blessings to you and your family
Excellent, honest and great to open up to very nice person and understanding and highly intuitive13
Loved! She is a blessing! I felt her energy was positive and told the truth! Not what I want to hear. Very helpful! God bless her!!
Excellent, really good. I was amazed about how she picked up my situation and the guy I like and the people I have talked about. Amazing reader. Highly recommend. I will come back :)
She was really accurate insightful thank you for your honesty! Will speak to you again
She seemed very connected. I like the fact that she gave me info based in reality and not based in fantasy. Although the news I heard was good...I felt like she left the dramatic flair out of the message which I could appreciate.
Excellent, very knowledgeable of what is going on in my life and helps to see things clearly, lots of information, thankvyou for your words of wisdom, will def be back
Really seemed to tune into situation and person concerned. Will definitely call again, lovely lady!
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