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Miss Vee


I am an experienced accurate Tarot and Oracle reader with 21 plus years of experience in offering advice in all different aspects of life. My experience and gifts do not come from just reading books or taking classes it comes from my psychic sense as well as my gift of Clairsentience. I am a 2nd generation Puerto Rican Psychic that has been taught the magical arts from both of my parents starting at a very young age and has been able to strengthen my many gifts through the art of Tarot and Oracle. A compassionate straightforward reader that has the ability to connect with you and tell you what you need to hear. I do general readings but, I will encourage you to ask questions because I know that time is of the essence and I want to give you the best reading I can in the time that we do spend together. We begin your reading by asking your name. Then as I listen to the vibration and rhythm of your speech I am able to connect to the energy in your voice. When I deliver what I see and feel I do it with empathy, however, I will not sacrifice the truth to spare your feelings. I enjoy helping others explore ways in which they can grow spiritually. My goal is to bring forward the guidance, awareness, and tools aligned with your highest potential. I want to see you move on to your next step with positivity and light and of course laughter. Once in our session, I connect with your personal energy, and I personally counsel you to help with your needs. I believe that you can manifest the life experiences you want to happen through the power of the law of attraction. You will gain a sense of direction and faith about the great things happening in your life now and that is always coming your way. I have a great desire to help others along this journey. Sharing this with you is so important to me because I love helping to bring you clarity and to help put your heart at ease if you are feeling broken and uncertain of the direction you should take.


I am - Clairsentience - Psychic - Tarot and Oracle reader. I specialize in all types of tarot card readings. My journey began at the young age of 15 when I started to open up my senses after receiving a deck of Tarot cards as a birthday gift, I have always been aware that there are things beyond us here on earth from and even a younger age I was able to sense spirits. but after years of experiencing and denying these gifts, It was time to let my talent be shared with more than just some select people and always coming back to Tarot over and over in my life and it has been a true joy and part general sense of satisfaction that I can give back again counsel to those who need it and again. My readings are one part intuitive, and a little bit of Law of Attraction--and always non-judgemental, I have never looked back nor do I regret my choice. With these gifts, I have been able to give back and have offered counsel to many and now I am here to help you.I use the Tarot to help me zero in on your issue and we can discuss possible solutions to help you.  I will tell you and show you what could be holding you back from achieving, the job, the relationship or whatever it is in your hearts desire and help you better realize your purpose and discuss the reasons why.  There is nothing that can not be achieved, but without understanding yourself spiritually this can sometimes be difficult. So if you are ready for a connection and a great reading that will not only bring clarity but change your life for the better call me lets chat. Online chat is beneficial to you to someone who needs to really calm themselves if you are going thru something stressful and open up or to share in joy if you wish to hold on to it, with a phone conversation you discover what is of benefit to you. I see psychic advice as a blueprint. It's important to remember that we all have choices, we are not a victim of circumstance and I think psychic readings are helpful and if there is something we hear or see that we don't like we have the opportunity to change or tweak things ahead of time. The future is not set in stone so you have the power to change it. I am also Bilingual in English and Spanish. I do not do health or death readings.

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