Miss Ocean


I am a Psychic Spiritualist with 43 years experience. I will give you a complete Detailed Reading in a timely manner, all your question's will be answered, i reveal names, dates, and places. Do you need to know what is on your lovers mind ?, do you have to make a decision about something and confused, what ever you are going through in your life i will pick up on immediately with just you NAME and DOB. My readings are extremely accurate. Angels are with ME !. After your Reading i will guide you in all matters of life, from restoring love to reuniting a love one as well as career and life situations, yes you can be happy again through Spiritual Healing and Meditation


I was Born  with my Psychic abilities, i have studied in Tibet for 23 years, every year i donate my Psychic abilities to the Breast cancer Society where i have many satisfied clients whom are still in contact with me, and yes i am a personal Psychic to some of the Stars.

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She is awesome! Really the best on here.
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