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Miss Hazel


Call me Miss Hazel. I am an enchanted medium and empath.  I use strong intuition and communicate closely with the spiritual realm.  I able to channel when it is in the persons highest good. I read Angel cards when I am lead to but the cards are only a nice addition to what I do. I am a divine messenger during automatic writing and picture readings, this is a gifted specialty of mine so just be ready to receive what 'they' want you to know. I am able to send healing to a person and remote view, picking up on people, things and even subtle energies around a person. 


I currently work as a Reiki Master/Teacher and practice energy, crystal, chakra and aura healings during sessions. I have been performing readings and working to teach and enlighten people to the understanding of supernatural and metaphysical things since childhood. Using my gifts and Helping others this way is is my life's work.  We all need a little help sometimes and some truth and direction.  


Didn't need much info and said things that she couldn't have known otherwise. I think she's probably right.
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