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Healing Light
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Healing Light


As a natural-born psychic and intuitive tarot reader, I will help you find your path to your best life. If it’s love, healing past trauma, finding the best career, or searching for your life’s and soul’s purpose, I lovingly help you find your path. I am a healer and I want to see you set free from whatever is keeping you from living your best life and achieving your dreams. Your higher self is waiting to manifest and I will help you make that connection as you overcome past challenges and release what prevents you from being happy, re-energized, fulfilled, and walking in your destiny. I am an empath, a natural clairvoyant, and a spiritual counselor. My insights will shed light on the areas that have kept you from finding your life’s purpose and together we will ensure you are not only an overcomer but find fulfillment, joy, and happiness with yourself and others as you continue on your life’s journey. You can create and live the life you want and experience true happiness, peace, and joy. Your destiny is awaiting you.


Psychic gifts have been evident in my life since I was a young child. Over time, they grew to the point they could not be denied and others noticed them. Synchronicity strongly operates in my life and by the time I was in my 30s, I had begun to counsel others as a spiritual counselor. That led to working as a professional psychic. My gifts flow naturally and the longer I engage with a person, the clearer the reading becomes and the stronger my impressions are. I operate with clairvoyance, clairsentience, and tarot readings. My work in the church as a prophetic, spiritual counselor led me to work as a psychic where I can have greater reach and help more people. I have been working as a spiritual counselor and psychic for over 20 years. The gifts have been present since early childhood. I use tarot and oracle cards, crystals, pendulums and am a natural empath with clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities. I use divination & medium tools or no tools at all. I know that every problem has multiple solutions. As a natural empath, I will quickly pick up on your energy and feel what you are feeling about your situation. The minute we connect your reading begins instantaneously and your higher self, guardian angels, and spirit guides will reveal your problem and the solution. Whatever you are facing, please know the problem has already been solved. You just need to access the tools that bring the manifestation of the solution into your reality.

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Jul 7, 2021
awesome reading !! thank you so much ,
Jul 7, 2021
awesome reading thanks
Jul 7, 2019
Mar 4, 2019
out of funds :( thanks for your help
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