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Love and Happiness
Love and Happiness
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Love and Happiness


Hello, Thank you for taking the time to check me out. I am here and available for most healing and service needs. I offer intuitive and Tarot readings with many different types of readings and spreads available. I also do distance Chakra balancing and healing to provide help and open you up to all that is meant to be yours. Grounding, happiness, love, peace of body and mind, open your own intuitive abilities. Together we can make you whole and happy again. I look forward to reading and working with each and every 1 of you. I specialize in Love and Relationships but do no hesitate to get advice on Career, Family, Money matters. No sugar coating. Fast straight forward answers. I will help guide you and get a understanding of what course of action needs to be taken if any. You will not be dissapointed I can guarantee that.


I have been an empath and intuitive healer most of my life. I am born with a natural knowing of things. I have 15 years of experience reading and helping many people across the world. It is my life's work to be a guide to help you find Truth, Answers, and meaning to your life. No one is meant to live and dwell in heartache and misery. And you deserve to know what is going on within and around you. Give me the opportunity to help you sort through the confusion. Does he/she love me?..Why hasn't he/she called?.. When will I see him/her?.. Will I get the job I applied for?.. Is this school/career the right choice for me?... A few minutes of your time will answer the questions you seek. I have much experience helping clients with career matters, I've helped reunite couples across the world and I've also helped many many people regain perspective and move onto the right course/path for their lives. I conduct in person, over the phone, video and online readings.

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