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I offer the tarot service, communication with angels, birth chart, yoga courses and transcendental meditation, I have the full knowledge to advise the consultants, and every problem they could have. Through ancestral research we can know full details of the questions to answer people doubts. maintaining a balance, I offer a healing process and improve their aspects of their lives with 100% natural elements. My knowledge is free. I do not fight with any religion or philosophy, respecting all and the freedom of thoughts of each person, always teaching them from positive, beautiful planes and high vibrations of energy. Everything is created with energy, it always exists at several levels and the ideal is to keep as high as possible. I offer themes of clairvoyance, sociology, ancestral arts, Santería yoruba (but from the positive plane joined with shamanic techniques). We need to have the universe on our side always and our mind is the key to make this work, we are the creators of our existence and we must know that the past we can not be fixed but the present and the future can be modified according to our actions, the present with our good behavior brings us all the positive energy to project an excellent future and likewise be able to face the problems which could appear.


I have experience working with patients who have problems on the sentimental and finacial level I have studied astrology abilities to talk about your past, present and future, using millenary techniques, heading my patient to his engagement purposes, love and friendly intentions, because many people need more than a life solution. They need company in their life processes and listen their problems, many of them are alone and searching an uplifting voice to have success in their lives. I have studies on quantum analysis and high spirituality, considering that today we move everything through the forces of nature, it seems that the world is materialistic but there are more things than we could imagine, we are in the age of Aquarius when minds search the forbidden and breaking many taboos. Since I was younger I was interested in these subjects having a trajectory from my ancestors, I learnt meditation techniques and connections with the supramental space, on this point it is easier to visualize each requirement of the consultants' existences, each person is an unique universe and needs his specialized guidance using oracles too. We need to have an open mind to find the solution to their problems.

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