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Miguel Cares
Miguel Cares
Tarot Cards
Miguel Cares


I provide an accurate answer to the questions that are weighing on your mind and heart. I specialize in questions about love and relationships, career, finance and choosing the best path forward to happiness. I will listen to your questions and concerns with kindness and non-judgmental compassion. The answers that I provide you through the tarot or consulting with spirit guides will be clear and concise and set your mind at ease. You deserve blessings and joy in your life! When I do your readings you will not only receive the answers you seek, you will also receive concrete easy advice on things you can do to positively affect your situation and attract the outcomes you desire. If you seek love I will help you learn how to bring it into your life. If you are unsure of yourself I will help you gain the confidence and strength you need to move forward in power. If you are worried about finances I will offer you steps to welcome blessings into your life. If you are in emotional pain or feeling anxious I will send you powerful energy to put your mind at ease and help you feel the relief your soul seeks.


I have provided accurate, honest, clear and compassionate readings for over 30 years now, and now I offer my special gifts to you. Before I was born my gifted grandmother had dreams telling her that I would have strong psychic and healing gifts. From the time I was five, my grandparents trained me to carry on my family’s traditions as psychic healers. As small child adults were drawn to me to share their fears and secrets and by the time I was 8 neighbors would come to me for advice with problems from work, love, and money. Through my years of training and practice. I have learned to interpret what the cards mean for each individual client. I have been taught to use my empath skills to connect deeply with the energy of my clients and the spirits and angels that accompany them. I have helped hundreds find the happiness they seek and heal the wounds in their hearts and souls. Over the years many have come to me unsure of who to trust or which way to go, and I have been able to light the way for them. Good loving people have had questions about the sincerity of those they are in relationships with and I have been able to show the true intentions of their partners. Clients have sought and received many blessings by following my simple steps to bring strong positive energy into their lives. I’m always honest, non-judgmental and excited to provide the help you need. I will answer your questions and give you ways to proactively attract the blessings you deserve. Let me share my gifts with you!

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Dec 2, 2018
thank you so much miguel , you are such a warm person ! please be around keep supporting. please let me know if you can help me with few minutes!!
Nov 27, 2018
Nov 22, 2018
he's good
Nov 21, 2018
vague, general responses, really didn't answer questions
Nov 20, 2018
good man with great answers so truthful:)
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