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Relationship Problems


Love is the most powerful force in the universe. It amuses and bemuses; and, love's illusions play with our hearts and minds. Nevertheless, love is easy; relationships are not. So, what is really going on? Is it love or is it lust? Are you chasing after a romantic fantasy, an illusion. Are you longing for love, but fearful of intimacy? How do you respond in a close relationship? Does this relationship embody your real needs; or, do you always attract a certain type, repeating the same negative patterns. From traditional commitments to red-hot or unconventional romances, TarotCaro unravels the details of an emotionally charged situation and paints a clear picture. However, bear in mind, that a prerequisite for a fulfilling, meaningful, and nurturing union is to truly love yourself. In that way, you will bring a wonderful person into your life to love you even more! Comforting, caring, and supportive, TarotCaro is easy to talk to. She is non-judgmental and a good listener. She works with a variety of tools: the Tarot, numerology and astrology; and, dream interpretation is available on request. TarotCaro suggests you take and date notes of the reading; but, before you call, prepare a list of specific questions. The clearer the questions, the clearer the answers. Born with an affinity to the supernatural, TarotCaro began perceiving higher dimensions at a very young age; and, for decades, she has been immersed in spiritual pursuits and the study of esoteric sciences. She has been interviewed on television, radio, and in print media, and has a large private practice with a high-profile and international clientele. TarotCaro is also an author and has published articles in numerous periodicals.


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