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- Where is my relationship going? - Does he/she love me? - Is the sex the only that matters between us? - Is he going to call me again??Some doubts or quick decision needed? Quick readings available(English & Spanish)*****************I am Meztli. I will love to help you to see your most important issue in a different perspective and to have insight for life decisions. I practice several decks as:- Celtic Tarot - Love Tarot- Angels & Archangels Tarot- Mediumship Talking to Heaven and more...


I have been reading Tarot and other decks for several years; since I was young i used to listen and help others to find their path...Skills:☼  Celtic Tarot - Accurate and very clear and deep. ☼ Love Tarot - Where is this relationship going? Does he/she loves me? Is the sex the only that matters between us? ☼ Archangel Tarot - Your Archangel is with you, just call them and receive blessings and guiadance☼ Talk to Heaven Oracle - Is there someone important in your life who passed away? ☼ Tzolkin - All the wisdom of the Ancient World -TZOLKIN- is the most useful and important, both for the individual self to all nations, can give us the information for a full and harmonious development. ☼ Chakra Balance & Unblock - Ask for special rate☼ Personal energies management - Baths and guidance to clean up your energies and surround you☼ Maya traditional healing - Herbs and natural therapies. Consultations related to herbs and remedies for health. Ask about medical advice and herbal medicine as waive allopathic. ☼ Crystal & gemstones - Learn how to use your sign stone and how does it works.☼ Wicca spells & Candle magic - Cleansing, romance, luck, health, wealth and prosperity.☼ Feng shui☼ Birth chart & Synergy partners ☼ Counselor sessions - Find what you really crave in life, what you really want ... and go for it ... you only live once, enjoy ... with awareness of who you really are..., I like helping people see the problem from another perspective in order to take steps to solve it ...☼ Palmistry - Everything you should know about who you are and your specific attitudes... DISCOVER IT!!!See you here ...!  -  English & Spanish*****- Insight for life decisions- Healing relations- Health- Love and relationships (Virtual or not)- Reconciliation, breaking up, divorce- Love & relationship- Family issues- Addictions- Gay- Lesbian - Transgender- Career & Money- Fertility- Personal growing- Life & Spiritual connection- Removal negativity & Aura balance- Natural healing courses- Advises and direction- Tzolkin - Maya Chart- Witchcraft, Magic Herbs, Plants, Lotions, Potions and dusts. Ask me! Let me help you do so and to discover what kind of great person you are...!




May 28, 2016
May 11, 2016
Really set my mind at ease...
May 11, 2016
give me a lot of confident nice to talk to her. now I found what should I do
May 11, 2016
shocking news but deep down I believe every word she said. thank you
Feb 16, 2016
she's great
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