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Readings by Marina
Readings by Marina
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Readings by Marina


I am a gifted intuitive empath. I offer tarot readings with my Rider-Waite tarot deck and astrology chart readings. I can offer insight into what career path is best for you, what decision is best for you in the long term, and who your soulmate likely is. I specialize in being able to quickly discern people’s personality, character traits, and unique gifts using my cards as a tool. I give honest, practical, and compassionate answers to your questions based on what I see in my cards and in your chart. For a tarot reading with me, I will need the first names of those you are asking about and the question you have for me and my spirit guide. To seek an astrology consultation with me, I will ask for the birth date, city, and time of birth if it is known for both you and your specific person. This information is necessary to draw up your charts as accurately as possible. I cannot offer any legal advice or advice pertaining to matters of life and death, but I can give you insight into how a certain course of action will make you feel in the long term.


I have years of experience as a tarot reader and astrologer . I work as a moderator and educator in a few well-established astrology and tarot groups, in which I teach people how to use tarot and astrology to guide them in making better choices. Tarot cards help me connect to my spirit guide and angels in understanding difficult situations and the people involved with them, while Astrology allows me to see the “blueprint of the soul”. I think of karma more as suffering or transformation that is meant to evolve our soul to a higher purpose. In learning these lessons and working hard to face our karma we open ourselves up to true, meaningful abundance and know true joy. Below are the specific skills I have mastered: Tarot Readings: I look at 3 card spreads, relationship dynamic spreads, Celtic cross spreads, often supplemented by oracle cards. I can use this to answer questions about decisions you are trying to make and give you insight into people you are trying to understand better (you, your friend, lover, or foe). Natal chart readings: Using your birth data I cast a chart to look at the exact degree the planets were at in the sky among the Zodiac constellations in ecliptic. This tells me the unique gifts you were born with as well as the themes and challenges you were meant to experience in this lifetime. Synastry and Composite chart readings: Using the birth data and that of your partner’s (or enemies) I can cast charts to see your relationship dynamics with that person. Electional charts: Within a certain timeframe that you want to do something, I can help you pick the most auspicious date to initiate a project or do something important (take a test, schedule something important, etc.)

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