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Psychic Medium Luna
Psychic Medium Luna
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Psychic Medium Luna

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Hi Welcome! My name is Luna and I happy you are here! I am a professional psychic medium and healer. I am a natural-born medium and I can remember speaking with guides, angels and ancestors since I was 3 years old. I have a Catholic upbringing and incorporate a lot of things in my spiritual practice from Christianity, Buddism, and Hiunduism. A space with me, however, is all welcoming no matter the circumstance. I am a judgment-free zone here to give you messages for your highest good from the spirit world. Together with God, Spirit, the gifts they bless me with, and my team of Angles, Guides, Ancestors and yours … I am able to connect you with a message that helps you live the best quality of life that you could be living. I am all about empowering you to advocate for yourself and never give away your choices left up to chance. Your choices are a direct reflection of your vibrations and I am ready to help you connect to your higher-self and reach the ultimate heights! I am happy to help you live your best life with confidence! Let's chat and explore your reality, your goals, your dreams and your future! Blessings!

Warmly Looking Forward to Chatting!

Love, Luna


I have a lot of life experience with Fertility, Twin Flame Complications, Soulmate Connections, Career Changes, Relocation Advice, Spiritual Awareness and Growth, Divorce and Breakups, LBGTQ Issues, Grief Management, and severe Anxiety and Depression.I survived 17 years with 3 severe anxiety disorders that I healed with the help of a healer, mentor and sound bath therapy. So always know you have a safe space to explore your spirituality with me! The first time I remember using my gifts was when I was 3 years old and a family friend had a tarot reader come over and one lady was getting a reading about fertility. She had already had 8 miscarries and was asking the tarot reader about her next pregnancy. I interjected and told the tarot reader that the baby's angel wanted to give a message and they curiously asked, “What baby”? Excited I replied, “ the baby in her tummy"!  The lady did in fact then confess to being pregnant. Here we are 35 years later and that baby is one of my life long friends.My mediumship grew stronger when I was 9 years old. My best-friend of the same age, 9, tragically died in a car accident. I began to see her a few days later. She would tell me things and I would confirm with other people to find the things she said were true and confirmation that I was actually speaking with her in spirit form. I spent most of my life, from a young age, 7, volunteering with seniors. I would volunteer with stroke survivors, or those suffering from memory loss disease. I was able to identify their needs and empathically helps better care for them and create better care plans. I often did this at Catholic facilities and was deeply guided by the presence of Angels and Saints. When I was 22 I made a prediction that changed everything. I just knew my father was going to pass… I just knew. And then the phone rang. He called to tell me he was sick and 3 months later I lost him. He is one of my guides now but it was a rocky start to young adulthood for me. I then suffered with extreme anxiety for 17 years. In time I was able to come back to my gifts. And, I started exploring the art of Tarot to reconnect myself with spirit and then I encountered my TwinFlame… and you know how that goes. Ha , ha, ha…if you know, you know!  If you don't let me help!!!My approach is simple, you ask anything I can help with and I will only honestly give you what I get from spirit. Nothing more nothing less. I use all my gifts in reading including my love for oracle and tarot but they are just additive I do not require them. I hope you will open your heart to the messages that I can share with you, I wish you every blessing! 



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May 30, 2023
Luna is very humble and accurate reading
Jul 15, 2022
Jul 15, 2022
Aug 24, 2021
this woman will she always be there or go away
Apr 27, 2021
Psychic Medium Luna is absolutely amazing! Incredible, gifted, talented. A star!
Extremely accurate, told me things that were going to happen and didn't think would and my gosh, they sure did.
I have had many readings but never a reader like Psychic Medium Luna and now she is my always go to.
Predictions have come true, connections with my grandparents who have crossed over. I'm just in awe with this lady. A true gem!
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