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Hi! I'm a certified angel card reader, realm reader, and dream interpreter. I use intuition, clairaudience, angel tarot cards, angel oracle cards, guardian angel cards, archangel Michael cards, archangel Raphael cards, romance angel cards, Virgin Mary cards, goddess cards, unicorn cards, fairy cards, mermaid cards, past life cards, and traditional gipsy cards to provide you with help and care. I can assist you with decoding dream symbols, finding the spiritual and past life reasons of your health problems, describing your next soulmate, predicting time frames, pointing out your life purpose, and even answering yes or no questions. In my experience, a no answer to a question many times is just temporary, as with a little attitude adjustment, anything is possible! During a dream analysis, you describe your dream to me and I will tell you what each symbol means one by one. During a card reading, you ask me a specific question, and I tell you the best possible outcome. Throughout both dream analysis and card reading, the more specific question you ask me, the more specific answers I can give you.


Spirituality has always been a huge part of my life. I began interpreting dreams at the age of 5, and reading cards at the age of 15. I started traveling the world and sharing my gifts at the age of 19. As a dream interpreter, I have been trained in both spiritual and scientific dream analysis. As a card reader, I have collected and used a huge number of celestial card decks. I love shining a positive light onto situations. In my experience, positive thinking is the solution to every confusion. Hit me up if you need some happy answers :)

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good reading thank you
please answer
I have to go to the pain replace with good things while meditation
I am reprogramming atm
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