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Melz Eyez
Melz Eyez
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Melz Eyez


Hello, I am Mel. I am a psychic medium with 4+ years of professional experience. I am a compassionate reader with a clear goal of leaving clients with guidance that will aid in living a purpose-driven life on purpose. I am constantly working on the craft to improve my delivery. I am able to perform by the sound of your voice or just seeing your name or by seeing/ hearing the name of the person in question. Tools that I may use: pendulum, dominos. I offer heartfelt readings on matters of the heart, family, financial related etc. and I can serve as the medium between our world and the spiritual realm (the other side). Please have your questions ready to go. If I ask a question, it is merely to clarify what I’m seeing or feeling in order to give you the clarity on which you seek. Thank you in advance for allowing me to be your psychic advisor for today.


I have been actively providing readings publicly for quite some time now. I have helped many people across social platforms to make positive decisions concerning their life problems. I have the gift of clairvoyance, clairaudience, empath, mediumship, pendulum dowser and claircognizance. I receive messages from spiritual guides and my ancestors and I rely solely on them before involving any tools (pendulum/ dominos). I will give both the good/bad and in between (gray area) concerning your unique life situation. Spirit will show me what there is to know surrounding your table topic/ issues. From there I am able to translate what I am being shown in picture format/ images and give the message to you. By the end of your reading, I hope you’ll achieve clarity, personal realization and focused state of mind after connecting with me. Allow me to offer spiritual guidance to assist you on your unique spiritual journey. - Love and Light

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Apr 24, 2022
Oct 30, 2020
Oct 30, 2020
She’s was super accurate on my situation. I’ll be back. Thank you! ❤️
Sep 8, 2020
thank you
Sep 4, 2020
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