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Come and chat! I am open and honest. I have 10 years of experience reading with cards. I also have 4 years of experience as a Medium. I can help you with life questions and point you in the right direction. I work with the present to help improve your future! Because I find the now very important I do not predict the future. I tap into your personal energy to improve the potential of the future. I also work with just your energy, this makes it personal! I can also tap into angel and spirit guide energy. Come and find out what your guides what you to know for your highest good! 


I have over 10 years experience reading cards. I started out with tarot then oracle, angel and faerie cards. Although, I find it important to educate myself I did not seek my abilities out, they came to me. I have been reading online for over 3 years now. My natural mediumship skills have also been practiced for 7 years. Interpreting dreams has been a passion of mine that I have been doing for over 5 years. I have furthered my education by taking many courses and doing independent research/practice for over 4 years. I intend to continue to practice and research for years to come.

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Dec 26, 2017
Dec 15, 2017
She does not tell u abt the other ppl u ask to know how they feel abt u and thus gives misleading advice.
Oct 6, 2017
Aug 10, 2017
Jul 27, 2017
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