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✨I offer clear, empowering Astrology readings that are grounded and practical. My readings can provide answers to your questions about life, relationships and career, help you to understand your soul's purpose, and give you the keys that will bring you in alignment with your life's highest potential. Beyond answers to your relationship question, I can help you to address the underlying relationship dynamics between you and another person, do compatibility and connection readings, and provide solutions that help you work out challenges in relationships. Career readings can reveal your true calling, and provide direction and guidance in your work life. Money readings illuminate the money blueprint you have in your chart, and help you to have a better relationship with money, enhancing your ability to bring in more. I can also do General Life readings, Soul Purpose readings and also help people to find auspicious times to begin important life passages such as marriage or beginning a business. Forecast readings help you to make the most out of the opportunities of the moment, and help you to understand the influences that will be there in your life so you can best work with them. I look forward to hearing from and working with you.


I am an Astrologer, Astrology teacher and Reiki master who has been working with clients all over the world for over 8 years now. I have had extensive training in the field of Western Astrology, with 5 years of training under my belt, and have studied as a private apprentice with one of Western Astrology’s best Astrologers. My clients come to me for an empowering, clear and compassionate guidance. Combining intuition and grounded Astrological skills, I help them to make decisions that are aligned with their highest good. I also help them to align with their purpose, which allows the other areas of their life fall into place. One of my strengths is to help people through difficult, transitional times in their life. I provide helpful and practical means for them to better meet life’s challenges, and also encouragement for them to live their best life on their terms. Relationship readings are another one of my strengths. I can help couples understand how they can meet each other's needs and work through challenges to have a more fulfilling and loving relationship. Compatibility and relationship dynamics are also revealed in Relationship Astrology. I also help singles understand how they can best take care of themselves and in doing so attract the right relationship and love into their lives.

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pls complete the question, he left
Melissa’s readings are very much detailed. her predictions more than one have came to pass. she truly is gifted and knows her stuff. thank you so kindly Melissa. I’ll be back with updates. 🤍🤍
Very very helpful person.
she is good.
great reading!!
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