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Skylar Marie
Skylar Marie
Psychic Reading
Skylar Marie


As a psychic, I provide answers to the mysteries of a person’s life. I do this through reading the energy of people and interpreting the energetic communication between their body and spirit. This is my version of a psychic reading, which is a broad term that covers the many ways I download information from the spirit world to assist you in your healing and closure. I employ my insight into the spirit world to uncover the issues or situations that burden you, including ones caused by those who have passed. I rely on an intelligence outside myself to inform me about the help you need, and then work with the energy of your body to remove the source of your discomfort or stagnation. This process allows you to move on to a life of color and new experiences, free of the burdens that held you back. Chakras are energy points that exist in seven locations in the body. If these energy centers are under- or over-exerted, constricted, or blocked in any way, the result is a lack of balance and harmony in the body and its energy field. I see the chakras and any imbalances or blockages, and can bring them back into harmony. You’ll feel calmer, grounded, and more peaceful after.


I am an intuitive empath, which is a person with the paranormal ability to feel and know the mental or emotional state of another individual. I often feel the intentions, actions, and words of others. Many clients say that the words I use are “exactly what someone said to them”. I believe in signs, dreams, past lives, guardian angels and spirit guides. I can tell you the past lifetime you have lived, who your angels are and how to communicate with them, as well as interpret your dreams and signs and gets clients ecstatic to hear more because they do not get these details with other readers. I teach people how to align themselves, live spiritually, pull happiness towards themselves, allow things to flow naturally, to be their very best emotionally, spiritually, mentally. I teach people how to be their happiest. I give nonjudgmental, kind, GREAT DETAIL, psychic advice showing you several difference paths so you can make you own best choices. With delivering these ways clients have returned over again for many years.

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