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Melanated Queen
Melanated Queen
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Melanated Queen


I offer real, truthful, and accurate readings with tarot and spiritual guidance. I never judge anyone, I am very straight forward, and very discreet. My specialties are Tarot readings, spiritual readings, healings, spells, and dream readings. I will use my gifts and materials to give you the answers you need to make the needed changes. This can be in any areas of life relationships, love, career, dreams, and etc. I make all of my readings strictly confidential. I am able to connect your energy, your spiritual guides that are around you. I connect with your energy while I am completing your reading, that’s because it’s unique to you. Do you have questions about your relationship? Are you facing a hard decision in life? Do you want to know if your finances will get better? Do you have signs are dreams that you don’t understand? I am here to get those answers for you.


At a very young age, I always experienced spiritual connections and visions. The older I got the stronger it became even when I tried to ignore it. Some callings you just can’t avoid. I interpreted things through my dreams, my spirit, and implemented tarots after reading others with my bare spirit. After I started reading tarot’s the value of my gift enhanced. I have learned how to accept the visualizations and experiences as part of me. I received messages and guidance from angels, crystals, tarot’s, ancestors, and tarots. I have 3 powerful decks that I use and have used for the last 7 years. I started off reading as a teenager reading friends, family, friends of family members, friends of friends, coworkers, and now virtually. It’s been 10 years later that I still use my gifts and abilities to help others see the things they need to see and hear for a brighter future.

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