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Megan Smith
Megan Smith
Life Coaching
Megan Smith


A Psychic Reading will make you look at your life in honest terms. I will tell you the truth: "as I am shown, from my spirit guides; I won’t lie to you or tell you that there is a future here when there really isn’t. So you can rest assured that I will be honest with you.My mission is to help you remove pain and suffering from your life. I donot use tarot cards, or any other tools. I also sense people s thoughts and see in colors and that gives me the insight into people s state of mind including work, love life and their true feelings. Energies: Energy fields can be manipulated to heal. I work with these energy fields to increase the positive energies for you or your loved ones. I am not a miracle healer I simply tap into the healing powers of the natural world and universe and become a channel. I cannot heal diseases and I won’t even attempt to. Although we are not always aware of it, all human interaction operates at deep levels of energy within our bodies. We are constantly radiating energy out to others and receiving energy back. The polarity of these energies determines the outcome of our relationships with others. Aura Cleansing: Aura cleansing allows me to clear your field of unwanted energies and change the flow for health, money and relationships to pure into your life with the potential to grow as you desire.If you think that you are cursed, have been cursed or just plain unlucky perhaps I can help remove this from you for another roll at the dice of life.


I have a God given gift to know Past, Present, Future.... As a Clairvoyant-Intuitive-Empath-Chaneller-Psychic and Spiritual Advisor, I am driven to unleash the Souls potential and make a difference in life of others. Sensitive and insightful, I will bring with contagious enthusiasm and positive Spirit the best in everyone...I send you personal blessings for your well being, happiness and prosperity.With Love and Gratitude, always there for you when you need me... A very nervous young lady came to me for a psychic reading. I opened up the reading and could see how the life of this woman was about to change. I told her she would go on two journeys. One would be symbolic where she would do a lot of soul searching, the other would be an actual physical journey. I saw her moving to a house with a red door. This girl would meet a man on holiday, they would fall in love and would have a child together. One year later the young lady once again knocked on my door. She was with the man she had met on holiday and was pushing a pram. She confirmed she had also moved and that the house had a red doo




Sep 5, 2016
Sep 1, 2016
nice reading very detailed
Aug 25, 2016
dont know what to expect. my answers where like it was fabricated just to make me think. if she said was true i would expect to have her tell me more. she too long and wasted about 6minn of my minutes.
Aug 20, 2016
Amazing reading !
Aug 18, 2016
most expensive 
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