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Advisor Lameez
Advisor Lameez
Relationship Problems
Advisor Lameez


Welcome, I am Psychic Lameez. I have been a successful reader for the past 5 years now. However, I have had my gift far longer. I will consult with you, on most areas of your life, which include providing perspective on dreams and context within your life. I believe dreams hold the voices and messages from those whom you do not hear in the conscious world, but are connecting and sending you information from the unconscious realms of your existence. I am a clairvoyant and an empath, therefore, I am open to energies, emotions, and the signs and symbols which your questions and subconscious holds. I have successfully answered questions regarding relationships, breakups, love and family life. I make these connections using the cards, astrological and universal connections, their energies and vibrations, to glimpse what is in store for you. Feel free to reach out to me, to understand and gain insight as to what your present and future hold; what energies are surrounding you, and how to best reach within yourself, to gain perspective and clarity. Have a magnificent day.


I am an experienced reader for over 5 years now. I have private and online sessions on a variety of platforms, which include online chats, and face to face sessions. Many of my clients have had exceptional interpretations, and are delighted with the readings which I had provided to them. I am in tune with abundant vibrations and energies around me, and those which surround my clients. This allows me to truthfully seek and gain insight to the answers meant for you, by exploring and sensing the emotional and universal forces which embrace, surround and protect you. All the messages which lay within your dreams, daily signs and symbols, your energy, your universal and astrological energies, are the tools which I use to assist with an encouraging reading. I have embraced these techniques for years, as they offer exceptional insight and vibrant intuition. I am excited, prepared and pleased to provide you with the answers you seek. See you soon

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Jul 15, 2020
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