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I have been working as a PROFESSIONAL POLICE - COURT MEDIUM and AKASHIC RECORD READER for over 17 years. The MediumDean name is BRAND in this profession! Please keep in your mind, I work here to help you, not cry with you... (of course, I understand your problem, but if you need real help, it's not enough if I just listen and cry with you or give u fake hopes and I say what you wanna hear... easier way, but it WILL NOT help) If you respect me, I will do my best for you and I will help you to build up a great and happy life, but DONT take your frustration on me. Ask kindly for my help and trust me I will do my best for you. Please note and read it carefully! 

NEW Rules: 

1. I DO a reading only once (maximum twice) for a person in a year! 
2. I DO NOT do love readings, ONLY if your question is about yourself! 
3. THE MOST IMPORTANT!! I do not do readings on anyone else anymore! I do not care if you wanna do the drama because YOU WANT to know that information…. Those are sensitive information, and EVERYONE HAS RIGHT for private life and private feelings, thoughts, dreams...etc!!!!!!! 
4. I DO NOT allow these types of questions, like how does he feel, when will he marry me, when will he call me...etc If you need help, guidance, I am happy to help you. I have more years experience in difficult life and love life situations. 

I can help you with:

 - CHANNELINGS ( messages from departed loves) 

Please always let me know your date of birth and gender! Warm welcome and many blessings to all of you! I had gotten several missed calls, so I would like to apologize for tech issues, it happens sometimes. Thanks for your kind understanding☺️


I am Dejan, 45 years old and I am from Hungary. I prefer Dean 'cause I became one of the most famous mediums with this name. Dejan is a Serbian-Croatian name, and it means: The man who always does his best to others. My life story is a bit confusing and it is a bit difficult how I became medium... My parents went to visit family to Serbia and the one of a neighbour did a coffee - tea leaf reading to my mother and she had said, she is going to give birth to a male baby and he will be different like the most of people.. ( so, here I am ??) I was 8 years old when I had gotten my very first gypsy deck and I started using it. Everyone thought it was just a game for me, but when I have had told to my grandma, my grandpa will die in may (He passed away in may), they started realizing who I am. I did not deal with cards for years and I gave a spot to my schools, but later in life, a huge trauma came into my life and I started using my decks again. I have met with a wonderful woman who explored and saw my knowledge and she helped me to start to work as a full-time medium at the Tv. I was pretty lucky cuz this woman helped me improve my knowledge and I became a really famous psychic-medium. I got more and more clients day by day, but my health went totally wrong and I got really sick.. I was in a hospital and I was two times clinically dead, but when I came back from the coma, one of my friends had put my Tarot deck on the table next to my bed. From that moment I do readings only and I left all of my workplaces. I call that moment: I got back my life to save others. I worked at Tv, worked with people who had addictions, I have faced with million difficult life situations and these experiences are helping me to help others, save their life. I would not trade/change these 17 years hard but wonderful experiences for anything, cuz save someone's life and see when they live a better life is the one of most amazing thing in life.

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lol ur bravo!
you are great!
thanks for all. great reading
I wont. I have been told by many he will Come back. I just dont want to get my hopes up and also i just feel dissapointed and sad because of him. For 4 years we have had such a deep friendship and then it became something more yet now when i finally chose to give this a chsnce and i love him he does this. And this R girl.. What was the point. Im just so confused and hurt by him. ☹️❤️
I care so much about him and i love him but im angry Dejan. And i dont want to write first. I was the last who contacted him to find out about the truth out her and when i got it.. I Said No to the friendship. We havent talked since 9th of june. ❤️ BTW Dean you have been very accurate before and your predictions have Come to pass.
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