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Medium Hedy
Medium Hedy
Medium Hedy


Welcome to my profile! In my Tarot Card readings, I can see where are your life blocks and I can see the mistaken methods in your thinking ways and recurring decisions of you which are most of the time came from your childhood even you know or don't know about it. Most of the time these are responsible for blocks in your paths and separate you from a peaceful and contented inner life. Of course, you can be successful in your life but often it doesn't come with inner happiness naturally. Even in the most successful life, you can feel that is something missing very much from your life. If you feel so you feel this every time at the place of your heart, like there is a big dark hole. If you are in this situation you have to immediately start to work on your self-love. In my 34 years of spiritual work experiences, I can say that the main childhood root psychic block of us is that we had no part in unconditional love where we could have lived to be loved the way we are. It blocks the main and only path to happiness, the path of love. And if love energy is blocked in your life, because that’s how you didn’t learn to love yourself either, because nobody showed you this how your life will be like you’re always just going up the mountain. Therefore, this is so important to know and solve spiritual blocks. Be brave to write me.


I have been dealing with the spiritual world since I was 14. I've been started it then because of a tragic family event, where I discovered that there is a life after death. I started reading spiritual books then. That was the start of my long spiritual journey, my long-term study to know myself and to know the rules of the spiritual world what is all around us and what is closely related to our life. My first meet with Tarot Cards was in my 21. That was love for the first time and that is my head psychics profile still nowadays. In my 33 there was another tragic event with my friend's mom when a new ability of mine came out, from that time I can convey messages from deceased and dying people. That is very hard but it can help a lot for loved ones who are here and can not have peace in their hearts and also for the past ones. I believe that there is no complete solution for recurring problems which are impeding us from moving forward in our lives, without exploring the soul problems behind them.

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