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I am a spiritual intuitive, a tarot reader for 50 years, a certified intuitive life coach, and a certified Reiki master teacher and a certified Crystal Healer. My clients ask to gain insights in love, marriage, career, home, and life purpose. As a spiritual intuitive, the cards are selected intuitively through tuning in to your spirit guides, angels and my own intuition. Many times I can see these beings pointing at the cards for me to select for you! They know what you need to be aware of. I can give you simple love, abundance, and banishing spells for you to create at home. I can help you work with the Laws of Attraction. I can also read your pets to give you some insights into what they want you to know. I won’t hold back or sugar-coat the messages I see from your spirit guides and angels. They want you to know these things. Sometimes these messages are tough to hear, but they are exactly what you need to know. My style is direct yet passionate with a mixture of friend, deep listener, and expert questioner. The questions I ask are to help you go deeper into your own experience and to help put you on the path to your own joy. I use tarot and oracle cards to help me connect with your spirit guides and angels. I also use pendulums and crystals to bring more clarity to your reading. As a Reiki master, I bring Universal energy into our readings and I send Reiki healing energy to you as we work together. Our lives are an adventure, and like any adventure it’s helpful to have the tools you need to reach your next destination. Think of me your GPS! We start with where you are now and follow that road to your destination.


I was born into a family of highly intuitive women. My grandmother and mother were psychic and encouraged me to try different things to grow my abilities. We used the Ouija Board to help me learn to connect with the other world. I’d practice astral projection and reading auras. The unseen world has always been a part of my life including spiritual ‘visits.’ I am clairsentient and claircognizant and an empath. I often know things the moment I walk into a room as I read the energy. I bring all my experience and training as a tarot reader of 50 years, a Certified Angel Card Reader, a Certified Intuitive Life Coach, a Certified Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner, Crystal Healer, and Reiki master/teacher to our sessions. I am an ordained minister and also a master Freemason and continue my spiritual studies. My psychic and tarot reading history includes reading on a weekly radio show, and working on other psychic lines.

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