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May Bee


Hello Dear Visitor! <3 
Well, I used to have a very nice intro here about myself, my professional experience, how I can help you… but you know what? Come test me :) I don't want to try to convince you why you should come to me for a reading. Let reality speak instead of words.
I am a nice person :D Too nice maybee even :) But that is how I work, how I read.

I believe everyone deserves to be treated in a straightforward but polite way.

I believe if you are ready to hear the truth, I don't need to shout it into your face in a harsh way. If you want to hear the truth, you will hear it even if I whisper it in my well-educated, decent manners ;)



I started feeling many many years ago that I didn't want a “conventional” life. I found it harder and harder to put up with the everyday treadmill most of us live in.

That is where spiritual “awakening”, Theta Healing and Tarot came into my life. And along with them, rebel against the “rules” and a fight for my personal freedom ;)

I am not a medium. I offer Tarot and Lenormand readings that can help you see more clearly, may it be about love, family, friendship, career, decision-making situations, anything on your mind.

Please note that I cannot read on health, pregnancy and legal issues. I am happy to look into business (financial) queries and I will do my best to highlight pros and cons, energies around any choices you are considering. However, please note that the responsibility of the decision still stays in your hands <3




May 15, 2024
thank you so much
Apr 29, 2024
clearly explained. accurate and insightful. helpful advice. highly recommended reader. intelligent and highly intuitive.
Apr 12, 2024
Dec 22, 2023
Dec 3, 2023
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