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May Bee


Hello Dear! Guess there is a reason why you are here today - are you confused about anything happening in your life? Are you at crossroads, not knowing which way you should go? Feel like being at the wrong place, at the wrong time? Been there, done that? Me too! You have to trust the Universe and your gut feelings. Or if you just don't trust your own, ask someone :) Ask me! Of course, I cannot tell you what your future will bring - because the decision is always yours and all the others whose freedom of choice has an influence over the flow of events. What I can do though, is to peek under the surface to see what energies, motivations there are, how our partners, friends, or colleagues feel about us, or a situation that we share with them.


Years ago I decided I didn't want to go with the tide, fit in with all the materiality of the world around me anymore, and wanted to heal myself. To get rid of all the old patterns that stop the positive energies from flowing; listen to my heart, my instincts, and all the guidance the Universe provides if we learn to read the signs. That was when I threw myself into the world of Theta Healing, Spiritual Response Therapy, Tarot cards and life coaching. My mission in this life is to help and serve people on a mental level, which is why I'm here :) I believe that the future lies in our hands. There is no right or wrong way, there is only a shorter and a longer one, but both lead us home, the home of our souls <3 where we can realize that everything we do to others, we do it to ourselves.

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shes awesome!!
Miss May has always been my go-to person for truth. she cares about her clients. like she's passing them the healing opportunity and gives you insights about what matters most -- the appreciation of the HERE and the NOW, and that everything else will follow. i know she wants the best for me and she values my choices and my worth on the expanse of this dynamic Universe. i just pray that wisdom will be given to us all to discern what matters most and to realize that we are the Masters of our own Fate. Miss May is the wisest here. And brilliant reader. makes a detailed picture of the situation and she knows what she says above all she passes you her wisdom of the life, making her more than a helpful psychic but a spiritual guide. a life mentor. more power to you Miss May. and thank you very much for everything.
best reader. precise. on point. and truthful. actually she is the BEST. articulate too. and considerate. my favorite. will always look for her even my problem is solved. i wish she was my neighbor to have personal reading service that would have been much awesome.
the best reader. i always wait for her to come. brilliant and trustworthy.
clear. straightforward. precise. brilliant. as always the best reader. miss may.
hope it comes true!!
hi. can you leave me some advice that i could carry with me in my anxiety? you are my go to person for truth as always. the best reader so far. always precise and on point. thank you Miss May!
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