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Maven Ushr


My name is Ushr and I am a psychic reader for generations. The main aim of my life is to help the people of GOD find a solution to their problems. I am a third-generation psychic taking the torch ahead with which once my parents and grandparents use to help mankind. Having a reading with me will offer you comfort and ease, and help you get out of the phase of the negativity and dark. Having a strong head means clarity of thoughts that makes it easier to take the right decision at the right time, But when the head gets filled with some thoughts some questions then it does make it hard for the people to keep pace with the world, and hence it does cause many problems in our day to day living. I do work as a spiritual healer, and my energies do help you build what has been broken. I will make you see the world from a whole new perspective by taking your worries and giving you the calm that you need the most. You will find me empathic in my approach in dealing with matters of every type because I feel that kindness the best way to deal with the matters. My clients are never left doubting their reading with me because I always provide them the insight that they need in the important conditions of their lives. By having a complete understanding of the situation and thoughts, one can always find a way out with accurate guidance, because there is always hope but for those who are looking for it. I with the help of my energies will make you see the hidden things and help you get you prepared for the obstacles that are coming your way, if you are looking for honesty, accuracy, clear simplicity and efficiency then connect with me because reading with me will help you cover every aspect of your life in which you need some guidance.


Hello, welcome to my profile, I am a natural-born psychic, who is been working in the field of psychology from a very young age. I inherit these abilities from my parents and always knew that got something special with me that I can use to help the people around me. I have a strong knowledge of every medium that can be used to help people, especially methods like Crystal ball, tarot card, palm reading, face reading, and energy analysis. I can pick your energies in very little time and then with the help of my spirits show you the path that is best for you and contain less stress. I have given my clients the truthful readings that they need to get some clarity with the method of their choosing. I give my clients permanent solutions to their problems by giving them complete insight into their star and energies. I clear the doubts of my clients about their love life, by telling them what is ahead, or who is the one for them. I have helped many marriages by telling my clients the things they need to do to avoid arguments and fights. I have also given my clients the satisfaction they need in having career advice with this I also deal with matters like Money finance and health. I help people analyze their dream, by understanding it and telling them the true meaning of it, so they can get themselves prepared for the things that are about to happen in their life. I have a strong connection with the world of spirituality and can look into it for my clients to provide them a better and insightful reading, so if you are looking for a point to point reading, that does not take you round and round of the situation but provide the accurate info in less time then connect me because reading with me will give you clearance about the thoughts and doubts that are going in your head and will make it easier for you to see what is best for you. Thanks  

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thank you
helped me out a lot thank you
appreciated her honesty and felt there was a connection
it’s hard to believe everything she’s says at times. Because it’s like she understands me but doesn’t at times. You have to repeat a question over and over again and waste more money until she gets it answers the question.
thank you so much 😊
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