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Advisor Matishia


It is not by chance that your energy graced my realm :-). You were guided here for a purpose and I do not take that lightly! I am a firm believer that nothing happens by chance. I am an empathic, clairvoyant energy reader. I attract those that energetically need me. I was placed here with this precious gift and I came with a sense of knowing and a purpose of healing. I believe that we are all connected through constellates of energy. I am an empathic energy reader. I aid in elevating energies towards their higher path based on current energies. I've helped many individuals achieve desired outcomes. Some outcomes are not always the most favorable, however; if we are opened and willing, I am able to guide energetically towards the best possible path. I utilize my energetic blessings to guide lower energies towards love, light and abundance through focusing on the positives in the energy surrounding the situation. I will give you the clarity and energy needed in order to assist you with your situation upon the close of our sessions. I am non-judgmental. Ego, Darkness and Negativity is considered lower vibrational energy. Negativity is low vibrational/neutronic. Peace. Love. Abundance for all! :-)


I am a clairvoyant empathic energy reader with over 30 years of experience guiding and advising thousands individuals towards their highest path through the energy surrounding their situation. I was born with the gift of knowing and healing. At the age of 5, I knew I was placed here to serve and heal. I have helped over 10,000 individuals (world/wide, personal/professional) overcome traumatic situations that have had judgment impaired due to circumstances that they felt were beyond their control. I have helped those find clarity and make since of their situation. I hold an MBA which has afforded me the opportunity to open crisis centers and wellness centers to harness my gifts and purpose as an empath in order to get to the root cause of situations and be a relentless advocate for justice with a keen sense of guiding towards elevated outcomes. I am genuine and sensitive to others and their situations. I do not judge and have been accepting ALL of my clients known and unknown regardless of circumstance. I have been invited to popular podcast/live streaming to provide guidance with successful outcomes for 100% of my clients! I specialize in healing through positivity and light readings. I am an empath/clairvoyant, however; upon request I use my personal divination tools to assist (Totem, Clairvoyant divination, Crystals, Major Archana and Lenormand). I love all and provide empathy to all through my reading. Let me guide you through positivity and light. (((Hugs)))

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Very friendly and accurate reader will make sure you are well taken care off.. Thank you so much. Give Munday a try you will not be disappointed
Thanks for clarification
absolutely amazing
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