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Master Wolf


INTUITIVE SPIRITUAL COUNSELOR - life guidance, accurate readings, master healing powers, relationships decoded and transformed, energy work, authentic shamanic gifts. No games, no baloney. Fast connections, good typing speed. All chat to put you at ease. Over 7 years of being an online intuitive counselor with thousands of satisfied clients. I give intuitive answers and I also do counseling sessions as well, for any reason whatsoever. If you have a problem, you’re welcome to come to me – big or small – nothing is too difficult for me to handle. You will be asked the following: Your name. Your age NO DOB! Names of other person(s). Age(s) of other person(s). What can I help you with? I AM A REAL INTUITIVE PERSON THAT GIVES YOU REAL ADVICE AND INSIGHT, NO GAMES, NO GIMMICKS Disclaimer: You’re coming here to receive my insights and advice about your situation(s). I will give you my HONEST advice. I do not give refunds if you’re not happy with the outcome of your session. This is not medical advice and should you need medical or mental assistance you need to call a health care giver as soon as possible, ty. When you’re tired of the run around, give me a call :)


Are you looking for a compassionate, intuitive spiritual counselor with accurate insights and answers for your life? If so, the Great Spirit has guided you here. I am a Modern Shaman and a Healer with over 15 years experience in the spiritual realm. I am a Native American who honors the Old Ways and integrates ancient wisdom of all cultures with modern culture and understanding. Need Healing Energy to face a life challenge? I can make a fast connection and send the extra spiritual boost you need to discover YOUR OWN inner healing power. Need advice from the spiritual realm on a topic that has you feeling lost or confused? Though powerful shamanic intuition, I can connect to the Spirit of the Wolf and other selected guides to answer your questions. Having trouble understanding the nature of the plan that Higher Guidance has for your life, or the reasons things happen the way they do? I have studied all major metaphysical traditions of the world intensively and can offer plain answers to tough questions. Ordained Minister In Three Faith Traditions, Authentic Native American, Masters Degree In Religion. Over 40+ Five-Star reviews on BitWine with almost no negative reviews.

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He mentioned in his bio to come and talk to him when you tired and want some honest answer.He is right, you should come and talk to him. He is the real deal. Thank you so much for the great reading ??
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