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Master Amir


Hi, it's me. Master Amir! a natural-born GOD gifted psychic. I am a professional psychic with a lot of natural and spiritual powers which were transferred to me from my ancestors. I belongs to a long chain of psychic family. I have a great command of what services I am offering to my clients. My readings are totally based on reality and truth. I don't exaggerate my readings. My readings are 100% true, whatever I feel and see through my readings I will surely share the same with you. I have learnt a lot of things from my Father and achieve a lot of abilities through them. My Father taught me the most important skills which is needed to be a honest and loyal psychic. My readings are based on people date of births and names. With the help of my inborn characteristics of the connection with spirits, I will help you to find a new way and sort out all your matters in a best possible way. I can also read faces through my abilities using my spiritual powers. My readings are unbiased these are not what you want rather these are the ones which are good for you and help you for your betterment. I do my work with great zeal and zest. For me, there is no situation or problem exist which is a hard nut to crack. All questions will be answered without being judgmental. I do heart to heart readings. If you are confuse what is going to happen in your life or unsure and unhappy from your life then come to me I will help you solve the puzzle of your twisted life. I will help you to discover your inner abilities, strengths, and positive energy to face every situation. I look forward to a long-lasting and good relationship with you as a client and friend.


I have been in the field of psychic reading for several years. Destiny has connected people with one another and so we are. My GOD gifted powers are so real and pure and I helped a lot of people and returned them to the light through my gifted white light. I am also working with my father who is a famous psychic in our state and I dealt with thousands of clients and successfully achieved their beliefs by brings happiness to their faces. I jumped into psychic field when I was in my early teenage. I only used and still using my abilities to comfort the tired souls and to give them the peace of their lives. I helped a lot of people to overcome their stress because they were deeply disappointed in their lives and were not able to see the right direction and path to move. My powers gave them the hope and sense to deal with their problematic situations and to see the right direction to move. I did reunite hundreds of couples again in their lives and showed them their true love soul mates connection with each other. I also helped people with their financial/business situations and with the help of my GOD gifted abilities they are enjoying their good life. I guided them to the best possible ways and then all the things which were working unwell turned into wellness. Now it has become my passion to help people world-Wide and to bring them to light. I want to share my experience with others and want to help others with my psychic abilities.

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