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I read my own personal cards, which are cards designed by myself over 30 years ago. Mine are a  mixing of many decks, as well as the ancient italian/neapolitan cards, + many personal interpetational cards, for ex, id I  have a house, meaning change of house or office or business location. The ship, ( a trip by water), a bird ( news coming from afar), the key ( doors will be opened), the sneak ( attack from a jelouse person) , and so many more. I also created my own time board, and when I ask a time question, I close my eyes, and move the lancet, when I open them I will see where is pointing. Of course these are tools I use upon client request, as I don't need any tool, I connect directly with the spirit of my passed mother ( Margherita) who came to me in spirit 26 years ago, and has never proven me wrong. I could not go trough this spirit journey without her. 


I have have been working as a psychic reader for many years. I also have my personal little shop. I work full time as a property manager, but I still work in the evening and weekends assisting my large clientele of family in need. I am also fluent in four European Languages, Italian ( my Native one), Spanish, French and Porteguese, and of course English.


Oh myyyy gosh!!’ I have been trying to find this lady forever!!! She used to read for me for many years then she just disappeared. lol. She gives the most accirate reading of anyone I’ve ever met! Thank God I found you again Maruzza!!! You have always been a life saver for me!!! God Bless you my friend!! I’ll be calling again soon!!!
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