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I am very patient, dedicated, articulate, and the consummate professional. I am also very personable with a disposition that puts others immediately at ease. I have pursued studies in the field of psychology that helped me understand the need to effectively interact with other people. It helped me understand how and why the people in your life think and behave the way they do. I am someone who observes people’s behaviors through face expressions, movements or through their talking points in order to evaluate their problem and guide them through my intuitive, empathic channeling advice. I will be providing my services to those who are in need for help to get the answers they want and to show them the path that they want to choose. I always try my best to give someone the best advice and guidance that I can give.


I offer my own brand of intuitive experience in regard to counseling individuals by utilizing strong empathy and meditation. I provide both religious and spiritual readings through the illuminating process of visions. I have been able to tap into what I call “the Sight” since adolescence. It is difficult to explain in words: suffice to say, I feel a profound spiritual connectivity to energy - multiple energies, i.e. human, animal, and the natural world. From a personal standpoint, I have ample experience dealing with anxiety and stress, and I am highly attuned to what a person needs based on their talking points. I am here to listen intently, first, and to help you determine the best path by which to attain your deepest desires, as I am blessed with the ability to foreshadow events and dynamics in relationships that will enable you to make the right decisions. I have been gifted the acuity to enable people to envision a clear picture of a problem and then ascertain the solution to resolve it. In sum, I feel that it is a calling to lend my wisdom - my “sight” - as an intuitive to help people live… better. I wish to help people overcome their personal obstacles and find their footing. Anxiety and stress are integral to the human condition, but intuitive can help manage such challenges through deep meditation and problem solving. Let me help you adjust your focus, one session at a time!

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