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Maria Star
Maria Star
Maria Star


My highest calling and honor is to serve and assist others along their spiritual journeys. For some, that may be as simple as answering a few questions which may be life changing. Others may be interested in expanding consciousness and taking a deeper dive into their metaphysical knowledge. No two people's journeys are the same. That is why I am here, to use my natural clairvoyant gifts and energy healing practices to assist you along the path of self discovery. My readings create a comfortable, inviting, safe space to explore all that makes you unique while encouraging you to find your life purpose and become the best version of you. This is realized by learning to get in touch with your highest self. Many of my clients seek information on love, life, relationships, work and finances. I am most happy to be a trusted source of discernment in these matters. Please know that I will not just say something to say it. All of my interactions are mindful, and will bring immediate value to your life. I give 100% of myself to each reading to ensure that each client is happy, encouraged and inspired to continue on their spiritual journey. Be the bright shining star that you are!


For the past 25 years I have worked as a psychic, intuitive empath. My readings are clairvoyant as well as guided by the wisdom of the Tarot for additional guidance. I am a crystologist so the use of crystals are also used to assist and to add needed energy to a reading. Other gifts and certifications are in the energy healing modalities, mediumship, spirit guide connections and channeling. I am a certified Reiki Master. My distance energy healing is accompanied by crystal healing. For years I have been invited to lecture at psychic fairs, work with companies during the interviewing of potential employees and run private events. Most recently, I was invited to an Energy Medicine Center to offer clairvoyant readings for a group of Reiki Master/Teachers. Now that you have read all about me and my experience, what you can expect during a reading with me is like this...All of my sessions are blessed with the Divine white light of the Highest Power. I invite in my spirit guides as well as your spirit guides for validation. Along with my natural clairvoyant gifts, I also seek the guidance and wisdom of the Tarot accompanied by crystal energy. It is my pleasure to share my many years of training and learning with you. And it is an even greater honor to work with you on your spiritual journey to discovering your most authentic self. Be the bright shining star that you are! Blessings!

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