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Psíquica Luna


All human beings in life go through times of uncertainty and we need answers that many times people around us cannot give us. We need special gifts which come from our spiritual part to get the answers we want. I offer you my spiritual development so that we can find together the solution to all the trials and tribulations that come our way in life. With a tarot reading we can look in depth at the events of the present and the future so we can make a decision. I can manage the energy to give you advice that marks the beginning of a renewal in your energy, so you can ask the universe everything you want because it provides us with everything we want. We only have to know how to ask, to stay positive in the face of adversity, is essential to solve any negative situation. I also use candles to bring about positive energy that combined with different elements make everything flow in the best way.


The tarot is a large deck of divination, and I have worked with its great power for more than 20 years. I have made predictions about the future events of those people that need guidance and advice on what’s coming next for them. The divination method has been my main tool to help people to overcome tough times. I have studies on tarot, meditation, the power of candles, energy cleanings and I know about santería that is very close to the spiritual part and very useful to solve everything we want with spells. In my experience my family is my great support and has taught me a lot from a very young age because they have developed the gift of serving others. If you have love, financial, family-related or work issues, I will listen and give you a guided advice based on my own experience and my loved people. Also if you want to build a stronger spiritual life I will offer my knowledge on how to progress together with your mission in this wonderful life.

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Jan 15, 2022
love you Luna! 🥺❤️
Jan 14, 2022
thank you so much Luna for all your help today and advice I really appreciate it. 🙏🏽💞✨
Jan 13, 2022
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