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Hello, my name is maria luisa, i am specialist in tarot readings, relationships, past lives, true love, soulmates, karma. I can guide you to have the evolution of life with some steps i will give you as well as help you to walk on full of light way. I am a Gods elightened being who knows how to develop different healings of the human being using variety of elements that the universe presents us. I am a participant in an astral study since i was 15 years old following the instructions of professor Allan Kardec and his peaceful messages. I am someone who has been helping people for 30 years. I have always given peace of mind, security, confidence and loyality. One of my strong points is the healing with plants or energetic herbs which i have been able to unite, heal clean and help many people since they were in their maternals belly until they leave this earthly plane


Since I was Young I heard the call of the universe to help people and souls to heal. I have helped spirits of this astral plane to find light and peace too, since i was fifteen years I am part of an astral study, where through time I have been able to learn and understand the mind, the body and the spirit of each being who has come to me, healing, illuminated messages of the spirits and teacher Allan Kardec lessons, who are the main bases of my spiritual life; My life as a tarot reader began when i was 20 years. I began to help people and find true love in each one's heart when i was 22 years old. I began developing the healing with plants or energetic herbs which is an art that was inherited by my parents around my 10 years, There I learned about healing and my psychic powers and abilities trying to cure both spiritual or human body.

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