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Maria La Gitana


I'm the 4th generation of card readings, spiritual work, cleansings, money, luck and protection charms, candle preparation for any problem, cleansing baths, love spells, money spells, how to make your own protection for the house, kids and yourself, how to get a job, husband or boyfriend. I'm 100 percent accurate and no lies. I tell you what the truth is and it's not always what you want the hear. Sincere and honest in all my work. Worked at radio station consulting famous singers and online or in person. Doesn't matter where you are or where you come from, the truth always comes out. Very serious in my work. If there is no solution I will not tell you it's going to be ok or if it's not convenient for you I will show you the paths which are the best for you, your family and home. I worked for many years with different stages of the spiritual world. Need to talk to your loved ones that passed away? Or to find the ones that are not here? If you need the house to be cleaned from negativity or negative spirits, you are in the right place. Sometimes they have important messages for the ones in this world. I hope you will enjoy my readings and my advice. I'm ready to remove all the worries of your life with meditation, protection candle burning, prayers, paranormal, cleansings, aura protection for the house, spiritual house cleansings.


I spent many years working with all kind of people, radio station in New York and face to face. I will not sugarcoat and tell you what you want to hear. Always straight. When the cards and spirits talk, I let you know what they have to say. I'm sure you will enjoy my readings which are in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French.

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how do you even have good ratings? you are terrible. no details and too slow.
thank you so much
Thank you so much, i will get back to you, your very good
ran out of funds :( Thankyou for the reading x
amazing thank you
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