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Maria Amadeus


Hello Everyone, who is looking for answers and willing to be healed. I answer quickly, accurately and on point. I will magically help you heal your relationship, repair love, restore feelings, etc. I help in: * attracting love/creating strong family * saving marriage * evoking chemistry with your crush * attracting clients and sweet buys * winning at court * protecting while traveling * financial success. My name is Maria and I've been Clairvoyant for more than 30 years now. I will help you identify the core issues behind everything in your life that seems to be not perfect. Love magic, money magic, correction of destiny, etc. I view magic as simply as that: it has an absolutely scientific explanation of energy and information interexchange. I do not play guessing and reassuring you with words that everything will be fine. Instead, I scan the situation, identify the root cause of the problem and eliminate it. * I help you banish evil spirits and remove energy blocks. * I give precise instructions for increasing sexual energy and attracting the loved one into your life. * I help you eliminate the cause of money problems and adjust your financial flow. Apart from that, I help in legal arguments and help traders with prognosis in financial markets. I've experience providing advice to the police in complicated cases. If you choose not to go with the flow in anticipation that it will bring you to your happiness, but to become the Master of your own life, then I'm the one to be contacted.


I've never discovered my psychic abilities, it's always been part of me. My gift of clairvoyance was handed down through the generations on my mother’s side of the family. Helping people by immersing in their problems and experiences on a daily basis is not an easy task, but it is my choice and duty, and I have been doing it with love for more than 30 years. If you find it difficult to understand the core issues behind everything in your life, but you feel that something should be changed, but you don't know how, I will gladly help you. Tools at my work amongst others are: runes, myriads of deck of cards, astrology, shamanic practices of different peoples. Just like cooking - it takes required temperature, suitable ingredients and seasoning by taste. Most people don't understand this. They don't know how to serve life. That's why they just go with the flow. My task is to tell you what to do in order to attract love, money, dream job into your life, etc. I will tell you how to cleanse energy bodies from the negative programs of the past associated with your actions, the evil eye, envy and negative hereditary programs (most people think of only genetic disease, but destiny is influenced by negative programs that often are handed down through generations). I will teach you how to use love magic in your favor, and other spells for business, self-esteem and love, friendship, sex, etc. It is my karmic task to help you and I do it with love. Take my words seriously and I will be your sliver of light!

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accurate and helpful
this reading was horrible an she said I accused her of having a bad husband when all I said was thank you
great person
maria is truely amazing
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