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I am a reader of relationships and aid in giving career advice. Please let me know about any concerns or questions that you have that may be important to you and involves a personal relationship or career advise.   I also have many years of working in an office, scheduling, and making daily lesson plans as an instruction, along with some international business working experience aboard and have experience translating documents into each these languages and have served as an interpreter for many years to the local schools. I also some experience working as a college instructor, teaching French and the various content areas.   I am here to learn about any future challenges that may be upcoming in your personal life and look forward to hearing about your current circumstances so that I can give you any relationship or good career advice.  


Hi. I am psychic reader and I am here to help you with clarity in your relationship or career decisions.  I intuitively guide you by listening to your needs and concerns.  In sprititual nature, I am here to advise on your inner emotions and feelings and answer questions that you may have in life.    I am here to communicate with you on relationship questions, aid in dream analysis, and help you in your life path journey.    I have previous experience in working with friends and relatives, and am happy to explore a relationship, career, or life issue that you seek to clarify.

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