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I am a tarot reader with a diverse background in reading, psychology and art. I find that my background gives me a unique approach to reading cards and getting to know my clients, as well as giving a special edge to my readings. My background in psychology allows me to approach the client and reading both intuitively and from a place of understanding and compassion. For each reading, I create a unique spread based on the client and their specific needs and personality. I have had a passion for tarot and a deep intuition for as long as I can remember, and have always wanted to use my gifts to help others. My empathetic spirit and intuitive and knowledge based approach to card reading strikes a solid balance for a well rounded client experience. My love for art and passion has also blossomed into the current creation of a new deck, which is helping deepen my connection to the cards.


I have 11 years of tarot reading experience, both in person and online. I have performed readings for clients, friends, family and public events such as festivals and parties. My passion for tarot and my intuitive spirit has been with me for as long as I can remember - it's often joked that I was born with a deck in my hands! I have grown my connection with the cards over the years by constantly being challenged and learning. I have mentored under a top tarot reader and astrologer, as well as learning and growing with many other readers and intuitive spirits I've met in my journey. I don't believe anyone can ever truly master a craft, and in that belief, I am always aiming to grow and learn. I keep my craft honed through constant study, diligent practice and research. I combine my knowledge-based approach with my intuition and empathetic spirit to give truly personal and spiritual readings. My clients have always found that my intuition and insight is gentle, yet clear enough to provide true guidance in times of need.

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very accurate
thank you thank you thank you! amazing reading, so detailed and positive ! it was blessing to connect with you! when I needed it the most! much love and appreciation !
very clear straightforward fast reading. worthy reading. Surely come back again for advice.
great reading with a quick connection
accurate, straightforward and right to the point
amazing review on point on everything, very accurate in my points of life
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