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I am a compassionate truthful tarot expert. I began studying tarot as a young adult. My maternal grandmother had the gift of reading tea leaves and she saw visions. She always told me I was even more "enlightened" than she was. As I got older, she helped me to identify, accept and develop my own natural gifts, although I use cards, not tea-leaves. Through tarot I have been able to harness my energy to see more correctly life paths. I will tell you honestly what the cards show, good or bad. Please be prepared to hear the truth. I will not make up answers based on what I think you want to hear, or based upon getting a good client review. My skill is a gift from God and I honor that gift, first and foremost above all. If I squander that gift, it may be taken away from me at any time.Client confidentiality is a primary focal point for me. I will not discuss your situation or username with any other person on or off site ever. I will not ask for your personal information (other than your first name and birthday on occasion). I will not judge you. You can tell me anything as long as it is not illegal. I am like a mechanic; I just help you address and fix the problem and you are free to take my advice or not based upon how you feel about your own situation. I do not ask you why you found yourself in that particular situation. I am here to help, not to hinder.I have been through many relationship and financial experiences in my own life. There is probably nothing you could tell me that would faze me or make me judge you negatively.


I have been studying and reading the tarot for over 30 years. I have the following additional professional experiences: Bachelors of Education Degree. Extensive training in employment and contract labor laws (I do not have a law degree and I cannot and will not provide you with legal advice.) Extensive community service/charitable and philanthropic experience Extensive travel experience. I have traveled all over the world and to every state in the United States. I have studied most religions.Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only. I will NOT ask for your contact info and you should NOT volunteer it to me. If you do give me any personal contact information, I will block you and not read for you again. I am NOT a substitute for medical or legal advice which should only be given to you by a licensed practitioner in those areas. I am NOT a licensed medical or legal practitioner.

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