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Welcome. If you seek honest, accurate and clear readings then you have found the right place! When I connect with your guides, my guides, and any other spiritual beings, I will bring the answers to you quickly with a great level of understanding. No topic is taboo and everything we discuss is completely confidential. I am also an evidentiary medium and a Reiki healer so not only will you benefit from my psychic abilities, I will bring you messages from spirit whilst offering you healing for the duration of your readings. This triple approach allows you to leave the reading with understanding, comfort, clarity, positivity and strength. Please join me soon, I look forward to speaking with you. Namaste


Starting my journey as a young girl in Scotland I felt as though I was different than other children my age. I was able to feel others emotions and I always felt that I was not alone. Growing up I began to have a thirst for something higher in my life. I began to take courses in Spiritual Healing and later joined a Psychic Development Group. At the age of 30, I started to read professionally. I had lost my father around that time and I knew that the pain that I was feeling was something that many people experience and because I knew I had a gift, I knew I had to help. I do many types of healing and various types of readings although the undercurrent of energy that I choose to align with is always that which supports the highest good of my clients. Each reading is different because every life is different. I believe that to be supportive for someone in this sense is to not only bring through messages about the past, present and future but also to help the person find what will in time, become most important in their lives - themselves.

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Maggie is the real deal thank you so much
Thank you worth the money now it's just time xx
:) thank u maggie love u loads
Accurate and very compassionate
I felt so comfortable as if I was talking to a friend.
great reading.. Maggie knows what she is talking about and gives you the information In a compassionate matter !
she was soooooo sooooo nice! thank you and was accurate.
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