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My name is Magdalene, this is the name I received from my line of seers and gypsies in my family. I come from a line of Romanies who has dedicated themselves to preserve the traditions and culture of my people. We are nomads and we came to America to spread our knowledge and help people, heal to forgive and move on in life. I can provide you an insight and answers and make you find clarity in the questions you have in regards love, relationships, money, career or life in general. With a reading, you can find a North in regards what's happening in any aspect of your life and understand why is something happening and what can you do to solve it. Understanding that everything in life is a mirror and what happens outside is a manifestation of what happens within you, as above so below, as within so outside. And you are the one who has to take responsibility and solve it. I can help you and guide you through this process. Open your heart and your mind and I'll be glad to guide you and help you.


For more than 20 years I've been working with my skills and tools guiding people face to face and online. I work in my country as a seer and a tarot therapist in a school, and I use my skills and tools to help people get clarity and find answers to their questions and issues in any aspect of their lives. Love life regardless gender or orientation, career, finances, health, purpose in life and family issues are one of the topics I handle through my sessions. Also, therapies and methods are offered to help the process in matters of moving on and have a better lifestyle.


She was really awesome!! Quick typer. Kind. Honest. I will be back!!
amazing amazing reading so much detail!! sorry I ran out of funds!!!
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