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I offer intuitive psychic readings to answer your most pressing questions and concerns. I use tarot and oracle cards to help guide the reading, and pendulum as requested for yes/no questions and mediumship related questions. Topics I can provide clarity in can range from money, love, career, family, relationships, and relocating. I have been working with spirits for as long as I can remember and have been reading tarot for twenty years. Every reading is intuitively and divinely guided, unique, and custom for you. The number of spreads and the number of cards pulled is completely determined by you and your team of guides. My highest concern is bringing through the messages that you most need to hear for your highest good and purpose. I created a sacred space and cleanse and protect my area with herbs, crystals, and reiki healing energy to ensure the safety and sacredness of every session. I can also help guide you with ways to cleanse your space and energy if requested.


Some of my earliest childhood memories involve being able to physically see and talk to my spirit guides. Like many children this died down, but did not go away! It took years to embrace this ability and to connect it to how to best help others. Through a lot of difficult work, that is what I have done. I have discovered that my guides get my attention best with visual images and clues, it is up to me and the person I am reading to decode these symbols, to best get the message across. I have studied and read tarot for 20 years, and this is my preferred method of doing readings currently. To provide further clarity, I bring through any additional symbols or images that come through and use a pendulum when extra validation is required. As a reiki master, I infuse reiki energy into my readings and can send healing as requested. I have studied under traditional witches and vodou houngans and know many methods for cleansing your space and aura. Cleansing homes and energy, and setting up sacred spaces is something I delight in.

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Nov 6, 2020
awesome! she’s so great! explained the cards, answers questions, and clarified things when I didn’t really understand. will definitely be back!
Aug 17, 2020
Jun 26, 2020
Jun 18, 2020
Jun 17, 2020
amazing read and so nice 👍🏻
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