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I have the ability to feel others emotions, like my own, and I’m able to see deep into another person’s soul. I am able to sense if a stranger is a positive person or a negative one. I have the ability to know when something will happen before it does. I am one with nature, I see auras around objects, plants, flowers, animals and other people. I am in touch with the universe and I’m connected with mother nature. I am also a skilled Tarot deck reader. I am experienced in soulmate relationships, mind reading, and relationship advisor. I offer a warm and compassionate reading. I am very intuitive and understanding of issues that are involving family, love, and friendships. I will offer my honest insight to help you on your spiritual journey of happiness, love, and success. Please chat with me today! I want to help other people. I have an earth angel energy, and I'm here to help guide you.


I have over 10 years of experience conducting readings for clients and have been using my gifts to help others achieve their goals towards happiness, peace, and success. I am experienced in tarot card readings for those who ask for my guidance. I use many different types of cards in my readings, depending on what they prefer, Oracle, Angel, etc. I am an experienced and intuitive mind reader and can tune into your partners, parent, and child's true feelings, what he/ she is thinking, and what the outcomes are. I offer compassionate advice and experienced in giving 100% honest readings. I am experienced in having a 99.9% accuracy in my readings and offer only my honest insight. Experienced in relationships! I look deep within to find the heart of the matter or issue at hand. Experienced clairvoyant and empathic abilities handed to me since birth. Which allows me to be able to give a compassionate reading while having an outlook of their past, present, and future. Experienced in helping a family repair tension between parents, children, and grandparents. Experienced energy reader. I am able to tell you about your aura, chakras, etc. Over three years of experience of doing readings for other people, including tarot cards, visions, flame readings, mind reading, relationship advice and family advice.

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Dating Advice Karma and Past Life Career Advice Relationship Advice Family Advice Soulmates Angel Cards Other Tarot Cards Parents and Children Clairvoyant Readings Mind Reading




no good
ran out of fund. I don’t think she connected with my situation
thanks i guess the energy was different this time
thank you for the insight
Lyssy was very accurate and fast thanks
very bad connection.. wish i wouldve gotten a lil more information but thanks again .
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